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There are various types of BLIND RIVETS

They range from dome head, countersunk, peeled, sealed, to large flange rivets. The peeled rivets are suitable for joining plastics, rubber, wood and laminates on to the inside of metal sheeting. If you want to fix soft based materials such as wood and plastic to metal then a large flanged rivet would be the perfect rivet to use. Blind rivets are available in aluminium, steel and stainless steel. One of our special blind rivets are MONEL rivets. They are made from a nickel copper alloy making them very strong and suitable to use in very corrosive environments.


They are available in aluminium, steel, brass and copper. The application of these types of rivets is very specific, e.g. used in the manufacture of hinges, pallets, ladders, shelving, truck bodies, etc.

RIVNUTS provide threads in very thin metal

RIVNUTS are a type of fastener which is becoming more and more popular in the metal industry. A RIVNUT is a threaded insert designed to provide load bearing threads in thin sheet metal, creating a source of attachment.

STRUCTURAL RIVETS for the trucking industry

These structural rivets are designed for heavy-duty fastening applications.